Time is a circle. The story begins and ends with these words and the same picture. It is a dream which is born on a kitchen table when a ray of sun brings together a crumb and a mountain who undertake a journey together. Since imagination goes beyond reality, the characters appear on the scene irregardless of the sequence of before and after. A flock of pencils draw in the wind. Revealing the energy they have within: the red is impulsive, the black is pessimistic, the white is naive and the pencil that doesn’t have a colour is the depository of the little yet extraordinary strength, which all of us possess…Daddy crow has passed some hard tests flying along with his bike to find his son who is so different from him: a little yellow bird with a black beak…A wise puddle with hypnotic powers catches fire in order to transmit his great excitement…An orange bike pulls out his stand so he can find his balance and paint pictures that are full of life…A red umbrella, tap dancer, inside a slanting magic cylinder of no rain, dreams of becoming a star of the show…The art of the game, poetry with its verses upside-down, the rule of not having rules, positive thought and the force of non-gravity make up the philosophy of life of these mild and profound characters and the soul of this story which begins and ends with the same image and the same words: time is a circle.