I like to think of the hole as something precious. Created artfully, the hole gives respite and defends from excess. To be a full glass is the limit that makes you “incapacious”, incapable of understanding and listening to us. The hole is nothing. It is the absence of substance. And perhaps it is just this nothing that we need.
A void which, with its strength, frees us from gravity and breaks its laws. An opening which holds that which by nature is beyond. A crack through which we observe, perceive and love the people and the things that we meet creating for them the most unusual frame: attention.

There are three versions of Il Foro del Principe: a painting cm.100x50 on canvas using Maimeri acrylic colours, a work cm.120x60x10 in size painted on wood using Maimeri acrylic colours with the text placed above written by hand on the painting.
A niche cm.10x10x9 has been hollowed out on the front into which has been placed a chalice with a hole
created on Murano island in Venice by Master Cesare Toffolo based on the form of the painted chalice.

A limited series of 20 chalices with hole placed in a wooden box cm.20x20x10 in size.
The background is painted by hand and the text is above printed in serigraphy.