The Trade-mark is interpreted in a creative way using different techniques: electronic processing, photo-mechanics and numeric control machinery. Three-dimensional prototypes of the Trade-mark are specially made from the most suitable material, in harmony with the product sector in which the company operates: from steel to stone, from brass to plexiglas, from wood to glass. Photographed with special lighting effects they bring to life an image that is full of character and give the new Trade-mark an impression of stability and concreteness. The Trade-mark is also elaborated and animated with moving images which are ideal for projections and for the introductory page of a website.

Symbol in steel created for the Istituto Centrale Banche Popolari. The photographic image was used for the cover of the visual Identity Manual.

The griffon of the Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia was worked from brass plate by expert hands.

Symbol produced by numeric control machinery for Metal 3, company leader in the sector of metallization for cosmetics.
The magpie holds a metal cap in its beak representing the natural attraction towards that which sparkles.

Symbol created for Genesis Yacht Line.