Every Trade-mark is designed like a tailor-made suit.
In each case the Trade-mark created is devised for strictly personal use.
This Trade-mark functions like an exclusive and personal seal reserved for Mr. Ray Charles.
It is composed of six icons which give rise to the Braille letters for the initials for “R” and “C”.
The icons are blindfolded heads opposite in meaning and in the directions they face:
the three Moors represent the prisoners captured during the time of the Crusades, the three blindfolded Goddesses represent fortune.
The position of the subjects is balanced thus emphasizing the equilibrium between good and evil, positive and negative, fortune and misfortune.
The writing paper was printed at the Pineider antique workshop 1774 and placed in a unique chest.
The Trade-mark is embossed in gold on black paper in contrast to a classic white envelope and completed with the name of the artist expressed in full Braille.